Otium nel Montefeltro is a project whose idea was initiated by Giampiero Bianchi in order to create an area, located in the region of Montefeltro in Italy, where to have a break and enjoy a creative moment of idleness by rediscovering the antic latin Otium culture.

Otium nel Montefeltro is a cultural movement that considers Man and its primary needs, like happiness, as the main objective.

Communication and design are used as vehicles of this cultural movement in order to promote the regenerative power of emptiness and mental as well as physical relaxation.

At a local level micro-companies (craftsmen, silversmiths, cabinet-makers, fabric printers, ceramists, designers) contribute to the project to convey the brand through manufactured goods or through workshops.

Otium nel Montefeltro promote the idea of decrease for a moral growing.
Therefore the slug, classical symbol of slowness, has also become the symbol of this movement of decrease. It refers to a specific characteristic of the slug. Indeed at a certain point of its exponential development, the slug closes itself up and strengthen its structure.

Cieli del Montefeltro is a segment of the project. The contemplation of landscapes and beauty is not only considered as an access to divinity, as it was thought in the Antique times, but also as an access to oneself.

The project is a renewal of the latin Otium, whose content was impoverished by capitalist economies, and that was brought up to date.

Learning that the nothingness can be a very creative moment is a difficult process.

Otium nel Montefeltro is a project of relationships that aims at unifying culturally the splendid historical region of Montefeltro, and at creating relationships, exchanges of knowledge with other countries and regions.